Who Are We?

What's in a name?

Zackler & Associates' legal practice focuses on more than just food law. We can assist you in issues regarding intellectual property, consumer products, as well as domestic and international business formation & practice.

Consumer Products Business Practice

We provide business and regulatory legal assistance to companies in the consumer products, food, beverage and nutrient supplement industries. Our experience includes advising in FDA regulatory and labeling matters, as well as trademark and other intellectual property work. We also advise our clients in advertising, marketing and distribution matters. Other areas of our practice involve advising in contract negotiation, general corporate representation, and domestic and international transactional matters.

We are results-oriented business advisors.

We do not isolate ourselves from business decisions. We know what it means to weigh a legal risk against a business opportunity. We try to make, rather than break, the deal.

We deliver efficient, personal service.

We get to know our clients personally. Clients find us to be responsive and accessible, both as professional advisors and business colleagues. We value the long-term business relationships that our personal commitment to our clients makes possible.

We are both cost and quality conscious.

Our professional commitment is to first-rate legal services. At the same time, we understand that both cost factors and the timing requirements affect the scope of legal resources which should be applied to any one problem.