Zackler & Associates'

Business Law Practice Areas

We offer a full range of legal services to businesses. We assist clients in the formation or restructuring of their businesses and have represented both buyers and sellers of existing businesses. We also function as general counsel to a number of small and medium-sized businesses, representing them in contract negotiations, licensing agreements, trademark and trade secret protection and the like. Our services include:

Business Formation & Practice
Intellectual Property Practice
Consumer Products Practice

Food Law Practice



Business Formation & Practice

  • Business formation and dissolution of partnerships, corporations, and LLCs
  • Contract negotiation and preparation
  • Business purchases and sales (asset/stock deals)
  • Licensing, distribution and confidentiality agreements.
  • Corporate refinancing and restructuring - working with your lender

Intellectual Property Practice

  • Trademark and copyright applications and registrations
  • USPTO Office Actions and opposition of applications
  • Trademark infringement protection
  • Integration of trademarks and copyrights into business plan
  • Technology and intellectual property licensing
  • Technology licensing agreements


Consumer Products Practice

  • Federal and State Regulatory Compliance
  • Advertising & Marketing Review, Claims Substantiation
  • Confidentiality, Co-Packing, Co-Production, Distribution, and Technology Licensing Agreements
  • Consumer Complaints; Complaints against/from Competitors
  • Crisis Management and Recalls