Zackler & Associates'

We have developed in-person presentations on general legal topics that may be helpful in evaluating your business' legal needs. These are Power Point presentations that have been designed to educate and inform business owners and managers and their key employees on key legal topics in a non-technical manner.

Right now our library includes the following topics:

BEST LEGAL PRACTICES: The basics that every business person needs to know in starting and operating their business in order to avoid or limit your legal problems and what to do or not do if a legal entanglement becomes unavoidable. The emphasis will be on proactive things you can do to ensure that your time and money is invested in your business and not in resolving legal problems.

LEGAL AND REGULATORY ASPECTS OF THE MARKETING OF FOOD AND DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS: Are you taking legal risks in marketing your products that you don’t even know about? Are you failing to make all of the FDA sanctioned claims about the nutritional or health benefits of your product? Are you using or do you want to use marketing techniques that are in a legal gray area? We’ll look at the usual regulatory suspects, the FDA, USDA and the FTC as well other less likely, but equally potent sources of legal limitations to the marketing of your products. We’ll then review the current FDA regulations and enforcement policies regarding statutory and “qualified” health claims and nutrition content claims and comment on how you can “push the envelope” without going over a legal deep end.

OBESITY AND THE MARKETING OF FOODS AND DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS: The great national debate over obesity and related nutritional topics is only going to get more intense. This presentation looks at the current parameters of this debate from a regulatory point of view and will provide you with a road map of who might regulate your products and how they might regulate it. We’ll look at how you can market “good” products and what you will need to watch for if you are marketing a “bad” product.

All of these presentations can be customized to your specific business. In addition, we can work with you to develop presentations on other topics.

If you want more information about the presentations or want to schedule one, please contact Allan or Steve.